New Pronto models: Small but Powerful!
New Pronto models: Small but Powerful! Pronto-500 is one of the 5 new models in the Pronto series
New Pronto models: Small but Powerful!

Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.unveils its new generation of portable laser probes with touchscreen control. The already popular Pronto series now features models for High Power measurements up to 10,000 W and Energy measurements up to 350 J for IPL. These new models will replace the FLASH series and offer new and improved electronics with additional features that the FLASH series did not offer, such as data storage and USB connection.

  • Easy to use 
    The touchscreen display allows for a friendly user interface. Make a measurement with just the touch of a button!
  • Perfect for Field Service 
    Their rugged, all-metal body and small size make them easy to carry and use anywhere.
  • Incredible Performance 
    The low noise and high damage thresholds give access to a wide range of power or energy on each device.
  • Advanced features 
    The internal memory allows you to acquire data and transfer it to a PC for further analysis.
  • An Advantageous Solution 
    Save on recalibration costs since there are no extra fees to calibrate the integrated monitor.

The product will be shown at Laser World of Photonics (booth B3.303).


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