Gentec-EO deliveries unaffected by current pandemic

Please find below a message from our Vice-President Sales & Marketing.


With the viral pandemic hitting many countries at different levels, we have been asked many times about our capacity to produce and deliver Gentec-EO products.

Thus, I take this time to inform all our resellers and customers worldwide that up to this very day and for the foreseeable future, our ability to get parts and subassemblies from our supply chain as well as our capacity to manufacture and deliver products worldwide is not hampered in any way. We also have sufficient inventory to deliver most products for many weeks even in the event of supply chain hiccups.

As such, it is for us at this time, business as usual, and as you’ve come to expect, you can always count on Gentec-EO to support your business.

On behalf of our entire team, I thank you for your trust and loyalty.

The current pandemic situation evolves quickly. Check our latest news to have the most recent information.

Stéphane Galibois
Vice President Sales & Marketing
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