UV converter for BEAMAGE: 23 mm aperture, R-type crystal. Must be purchased with BEAMAGE for in-factory tuning.

Key features

Convert UV light to visible

The BSF series transforms wavelengths contained between X-rays and 400 nm to visible and near-IR wavelengths.

Image larger beams

The magnification properties allow you to image beams that are larger than the sensor.


Built with an iris at the output port for a control of the exposure on the CMOS sensor.

Ready to use within minutes

Removable extension tube that is easily fixed onto the entrance port of the BEAMAGE camera.

Measurement capabilities

  • Spectral range

    110 - 535 nm
  • Maximum beam size

    13.8 x 18.4 mm
  • Pixel multiplication factor (PMF)

  • Maximum repetition rate

    30 Hz
  • Crystal type

  • Decay time

    3000 µsec
  • Relative Response

    100 (193 nm)
    8 (248 nm)
    0.18 (308 nm)
  • Saturation Level

    50 mJ/cm2 (193 nm)
    400 mJ/cm2 (248 nm)
    400 mJ/cm2 (308 nm)

Damage thresholds

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions

    35Ø X 108D mm
  • Weight

    0.21 kg

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