Energy Detectors

Our pyroelectric energy meters cover a very wide range, going from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse. They also come in various sizes, from 8 mm to 95 mm in diameter and most of them are available with an optional attenuator.



  • Very Low Noise Levels Noise levels of a photo detector, but with the high energies of a pyroelectric:
    • 50 nJ with the MT coating
    • 100 nJ with the BL coating
  • 2 coatings Available:
    • BL: Black coatings, sensitivity of 900 V/J, readings up to 400 Hz
    • MT: Metallic coating, sensitivity of 2400 V/J, readings up to 1000 Hz
  • Smart Interface Containing all the calibration data
  • Compatible Monitors
  • STAND NOT INCLUDED Contact us for 50% off stand price when purchasing it with a detector.