Instrument service plan for UP series detectors with W absorber. Includes 1 recalibration and extends the Gentec-EO warranty for 1 year.

Key features

Get the best performance from your instruments

To maintain metrological traceability in your operations, your measurement instruments needs to be periodically calibrated.

A Gentec-EO Care Plan takes care of this for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. We maintain the highest quality standards for calibration and repair, because our world-class metrologists and calibration technicians design and perform the services.

Extend the manufacturer's warranty for 12 months

All Gentec-EO instruments include a standard manufacturer’s warranty for one year. Gentec-EO Care Plans add 12 months to the warranty, starting after the first-year warranty ends.

Why choose a Gentec-EO Care Plan?

  • Periodic accredited recalibration ensures that your measurements remain accurate and traceable throughout your instrument's life cycle
  • Free repairs keep your laser beam measurement instruments in working order at all times
  • Fixed maintenance costs mean cost predictability and no unpleasant surprises

What's included?

  • One recalibration
  • Parts and labor for repairs
  • Replacement of wearable parts

Warranty service and recalibration are subject to terms & conditions

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