OEM Detectors

Almost anything you see in our product line can be turned into an OEM unit! We also offer standard OEM products, at different levels of integration: from the simple thermopile disk to a complete head with internal PCB for signal anticipation and amplification.

UP Series with PCB

UP12E-10S-H5-MT-B (Front)
UP12E-10S-H5-MT-B (Rear Molex Ouput)
Internal PCB
UP12E-10S-H5-MT-B (Front)


  • Fully Integrable Thermopile Sensor Heads OEM Sensors designed to integrate easily into existing systems
  • With Internal PCBIntegrated amplification, anticipation and filtering
  • Modular ConceptIncrease the power capability of your detector: 5 different cooling modules
  • Very High Damage ThresholdsUp to 100 kW/cm2 in average power density
  • Largest choice of connectorsDB-15, BNC, Molex or even custom fit to your needs
  • STAND NOT INCLUDED Contact us for 50% off stand price when purchasing it with a detector.

    Head Only
    • Thermal Sensor Head (with natural response)
    • Choice of connectors

    Head with PCB & Connector
    • Thermal Sensor Head
    • Internal PCB: Amplification - Anticipation - Filtering
    • Choice of connectors

    Head & Display
    • Thermal Sensor Head
    • Choice of connectors
    • Choice of displays