Special Products

Versatile, Broadband Pyroelectric Detectors, 200 kHz Joulemeters and many custom laser instruments.

Custom Products


  • 6-Element Detector Bar Custom detector integration that monitors multiple lasers in a system. This detector bar included six independent power sensors, covered by protection windows with anti-reflective coating, presence sensors, on-board signal conditioning and acquisition to instantly measure power and communicate with the system through industrial serial protocol.
    • 6 elements on one board
    • Instantaneous power measurement of all 6 elements
    • Detector elements protected by windows with AR coating

  • STEP: Temperature Controlled Power Meters
    • Temperature Controlled Power Sensors and Controller: Each head is composed of a low noise detector, thermistor, TE cooler and heat sink to compensate for any temperature change
    • The Ultimate Choice in Measurement Stability: Temperature control down to 0.05°C from 20 to 30°C gives a temperature coefficient <0.01 %, thus a voltage output stable to 0.01 %

  • Octolink OCTOLINK is our new multichannel software that was specifically designed for the simultaneous measurement of a large set of power detectors. As its name indicates, OCTOLINK allows the measurement of up to 8 devices simultaneously, all on a combined control screen. Furthermore, this tool offers full flexibility on the functionalities, allowing to control, compare and collect data of multiple detectors in a simple but effective manner. The channels can be user-set, allowing a transparent integration in the existing systems. Pass-fail feature and complete data logging make OCTOLINK an ideal and inexpensive solution for long term power monitoring.
  • 32-Channel THz Pyro Array The SDX-1105 is a 32-element Pyroelectric Array combined to a 32-channel multiplexing electronics that was designed for a THz Spectrometer Application. The system was designed to be able to measure a few nanojoules of energy from a pulsed THz source in the 0.1 to 20 THz region. As the Pyroelectric detectors are based on a thermal effect, the same device can be used with pulsed lasers from the DUV to FIR. The detector elements of the array are 1 mm tall by 0.5 mm wide and spaced on 0.5 mm centers.
  • "Hollow" Calorimeter This special calorimeter demonstrates the extent of Gentec-EO’s customization capabilities. This product fulfills the requirements for the newest lasers for high energetic beam experimentation.
    • High energy at low repetition rate for continuous measurement
    • Femtosecond pulse
    • Very large diameter with different shapes & sizes available
    • Offers the flexibility to measure both power or energy
    • Center hole option to let through an electron beam