THz Detectors

Our sensors are pyroelectric-based and can thus be used very easily, and at room temperature. You can choose either a standalone head with on-board electronics or go with our T-Rad meter and a separate sensor. We also have small discrete terahertz detectors in TO5/TO8 packages.



  • Relative Measurements from 0.1 to 30 THz Broadband, room temperature operation, easier to use and less expensive than a Golay cell
  • Measure Power from nW to mW With state of the art pyroelectric sensors, measure down to 100 nW
  • Integrated Analog Module Plug the head directly to your oscilloscope or lock-in amplifier
  • Battery or AC Powered Includes 9V Battery and AC Power Eliminator
  • Calibrated at 0.63 µm THZ-I-BNC detectors are calibrated at a single wavelength (0.63 µm) and include typical wavelength correction data from 0.25 to 440 µm. They are used for relative measurements outside that range
  • STAND NOT INCLUDED Contact us for 50% off stand price when purchasing it with a detector.