P/N 203793

Optical attenuator, 16 mm Ø, up to 500W. Includes UP19K-110F-H9-D0.

주요 특징


CMOS sensors have low saturation levels as well as low damage thresholds. It is thus very important that you control your laser power to get the best measurement possible and avoid damaging the BEAMAGE camera.

Sample your laser beam

The BA series optical attenuators use Fresnel reflection on two orthogonal wedges to pick off a small fraction of the input beam. The incoming beam polarization state and irradiance are preserved.

Many possible uses

  • Monitor power and beam profile simultaneously
  • Polarization insensitive beam-splitter with no back-reflections
  • Optical pick-off for use with our energy or power detectors
  • Attenuator for our high sensitivity detectors like M6 series and PH series

호환 스탠드

계측 성능

  • 스펙트럼 범위

    200 - 2100 nm
  • 등가 감쇠

  • 내장 파워 검출기

  • 광학 웨지 소재

    UV 용융 실리카(비 코팅)
  • 잔여 빔 편차

  • 편광 보정

    있음(직각 웨지 쌍)
  • 최대 발산

손상 한계

  • 최대 파워

    500 W

물리적 특성

  • 구경 지름

    16 mm
  • 치수

    54H x 54H x 126D mm
  • 중량

    0.46 kg
  • 마운트 스레드

  • 어댑터 포함

    SM1 외부 나사 튜브

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