파워&에너지 계측용 터치스크린 디스플레이 장치. 단일채널 다중 출력(USB, 이더넷, 아날로그).

주요 특징

A screen designed for professional use

10” high-resolution, anti-glare touchscreen, just like one would expect nowadays for a professional work tool.

A user interface that won’t leave you searching around

With its modern and intuitive user interface, MIRO ALTITUDE is so simple to use that it is literally plug-and-play. It was designed to take full advantage of its larger-than-life screen so you can see at a glance all that matters to your measurement at all times.

Super strong and durable

Remarkably strong and durable metal casing that you won’t be afraid to break in the field or during transportation.

Tons of connectivity possibilities

More connectivity possibilities than ever before with: Ethernet, RS232, sync out, analog out (coming soon), USB-C and 2 USB. No doubt you’ll be able to do the setup you need for optimal productivity.

Convenient ways to use it

  • Tabletop
  • On a stand
  • Handheld

Display modes for all use cases

MIRO ALTITUDE has 3 display modes, including one that lets you time-travel to check past data points without interrupting the current measurement session, and another mode with extra large size digits that you can view from across the room.

Featuring XNR AnticipationTM

Measure up to 10x faster (detector-dependant) with XNR AnticipationTM, which is probably the fastest measuring capability ever brought to a measurement instrument in this industry.

Built-in data viewer

View a recorded measurement session directly on your MIRO ALTITUDE.

Built-in file manager

Save and organize your recorded measurement sessions and screenshots or move your files to your USB stick.

Reads all heads

MIRO ALTITUDE is compatible with all Gentec-EO power and energy detectors that have the standard DB15 output.

검출기 호환성

호환 스탠드

컨트롤러 및 GUI 사양

  • 디지털 디스플레이 사이즈

    217x136mm LCD - 1280x800 픽셀
  • 데이터 표시

    Real time, scope, statistics, digital tuning needle and averaging
  • 아날로그 출력

    0-5 볼트, 전체 범위
  • 외부 트리거

  • 시리얼 커맨드

    USB-C 또는 RS-232
  • 데이터 저장

    Internal memory or USB key
  • 배터리 유형

    Rechargeable Li-ion cell
  • 배터리 수명

  • 외부 전원

    9-24 VDC 3.33 A, USB-C (min 18 W)

파워 미터 사양

  • 파워 범위

    4 pW - 100 kW
  • 모니터 정확성

    0.5% ±3 µV, 전체 범위의 20%
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간
  • 응답 시간

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간

에너지 미터 사양

  • 에너지 범위

    2 fJ to 30 kJ
  • 모니터 정확성

    1 % ±50 µV (<500 Hz)
    2% ±50 µV (500 Hz - 10 kHz)
  • 소프트웨어 트리거 수준

    0.1~99.9%, 0.1% 해상도, 기본값 2%
  • 반복률1

    10 kHz
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 펄스 번호, 반복률 및 평균 출력
    • 1. 최대 반복 속도는 PC 및 감지기 속도에 따라 달라질 수 있습니다.

물리적 특성

  • 치수

    268W x 196H x 36D mm
  • 중량

    1.36 kg

All-new MIRO ALTITUDE: Supercharged professional display device for power and energy measurement

MIRO ALTITUDE is Gentec-EO’s new flagship meter for reading your laser power and energy measurements.

More than an evolution from our current product line, we see it as a revolution in the laser beam measurement industry that helps engineers and service technicians increase their productivity thanks to numerous new features in both hardware and software.

Supercharge your productivity with an intuitive user interface, an extra large screen, tons of connectivity possibilities, 3 convenient display modes, a built-in dataviewer and a built-in file manager.

Enter modern times of laser beam measurement with MIRO ALTITUDE.

MIRO ALTITUDE user interface tour


The upper part of the screen includes a direct access to the control center, data acquisition buttons and various indicators (battery level and time).


Use the various measurement settings available for your detector to set everything related to your measurement.

Wavelength: Enter your wavelength or choose from a list of recently used wavelengths

Range: Set the measuring range to autoscale or to one of the standard values

Measurement mode: Choose what you want to measure: power, SSE, moving average, irradiance, fluence, etc.

Moving average: Choose the desired moving average to use to plot the chart

Trigger: Enter the desired trigger level or choose from a list of recently used values

XNR AnticipationTM: Toggle on to measure up to 10x-20x faster without losing any significant accuracy in your readings

Correction: Set a multiplier and an offset value for your measurement

Attenuator: Toggle when using a Gentec-EO calibrated attenuator with your detector


The top part of the display area is the same for all three display modes.

Clear: Use this button to reset the statistics and erase the scope graph’s data

Zero: Set the current measured value to zero

Display mode: Toggle your display mode between: scope, needle and bar chart


With this display mode, you can travel in time using the time line at the bottom to view measurements at any point in time while MIRO ALTITUDE continues to measure.

The dotted blue line shows the average value.


Faster than an analog needle thanks to XNR AnticipationTM! This mode is particularly useful when tuning a laser. The real-time value and statistics are always visible at the top of the screen.

Arrows indicate the minimum and maximum measured values since the last reset. The zoom function sets these values as full scale of the digital gauge.


This is the simplest display mode. Its main advantage is that the current measured value is displayed in huge size, allowing you to read the measurement from a good distance.

Arrows indicate the minimum and maximum measured values.


MIRO’s built-in file manager lets you access and organize all your screenshots and recorded measurement sessions. You can also copy files on your USB key.

There is also a built-in image viewer so you can view your screenshots directly on your MIRO ALTITUDE.

Visualize a recorded measurement session with our built-in data viewer. Data will be displayed in the scope chart display.


The control center is accessible from all screens in the top left corner.

Connect/disconnect your Gentec-EO detector to MIRO ALTITUDE

Easily navigate between the main screens of the app:


File manager

Settings for the device.


System: Set device settings: language, date, time, sleep, number of digits, etc.

Recording: Set your default recording parameters for power/energy measurement and destination.

Ethernet: Set your Ethernet parameters or let MIRO manage this automatically.

RS-232: Set your RS-232 parameters.

Analog output (coming soon): Set your analog output parameters.

Trigger: Use an external trigger and set your trigger level.

About: View important information about your device (serial number, firmware version software version, calibration date) and find support.

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