P/N 201235B

파워&에너지 계측용 터치스크린 디스플레이 장치. 단일채널 다중 출력(USB, 이더넷, 아날로그).

주요 특징

Reads ALL Heads

  • Power: thermopiles, photo detectors and pyroelectrics
  • Energy: thermopiles (in single shot mode) , photo detectors and pyroelectrics

Large TOUCH SCREEN Color LCD Display

  • 5.6in diagonal
  • 640 x 480 resolution
  • 18bit color
  • Fully touch screen controls

Multiple Languages Available

Interface fully translated in English, French, German and Japanese

Unique Ergonomic Design

Great for both handheld and tabletop use, with improved rubber bands and quick stand for better stability

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to navigate interface, with many display features:

  • Single or dual graph display
  • Instant access to the main functions
  • Function Search tool

USB Key Access

Store data directly on a USB key

Real-Time Statistical Functions

Max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability, pulse # and repetition rate

Available Outputs

USB key, analog output, RS-232, PC-USB, Ethernet

검출기 호환성

컨트롤러 및 GUI 사양

  • 인터페이스 언어

    영어, 독일어, 프랑스어, 일본어
  • 디지털 디스플레이 사이즈

    112.9x84.7mm LCD - 640x480 픽셀
  • 데이터 표시

    Real time, scope, statistics, digital tuning needle and averaging
  • 아날로그 출력

    0-1 볼트, 전체 범위, ±0.5%
  • 외부 트리거

    TTL 호환, 2-25V @ 0.4mA
  • 시리얼 커맨드

    USB, 이더넷 또는 RS-232(케이블은 선택 가능)
  • 데이터 저장

    USB 키
  • 배터리 유형

    4 x 충전식 1.2V Ni-MH AA
  • 배터리 수명

  • 외부 전원

    9 VDC 1.66 A

파워 미터 사양

  • 파워 범위(열전퇴)

    1 µW - 30 kW
  • 파워 범위(광전다이오드)

    4 pW - 3 W
  • 파워 범위

    4 pW - 30 kW
  • 디지털 해상도

    Digital Resolution PMS
  • 모니터 정확성

    0.25% ±5μV 최상의 범위
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간
  • 응답 시간

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간

에너지 미터 사양

  • 에너지 범위

    2 fJ to 30 kJ
  • 디지털 해상도

    Digital Resolution EMS
  • 모니터 정확성

     ±1 %
  • 소프트웨어 트리거 수준

    0.1~99.9%, 0.1% 해상도, 기본값 2%
  • 반복률

    샘플링 시 2,000Hz/10,000Hz
  • 실시간 데이터 전송

    2 000 Hz
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 펄스 번호, 반복률 및 평균 출력

물리적 특성

  • 치수

    210W x 122H x 45D mm
  • 중량

    0.67 kg


  • Set device: set all the parameters related to your MAESTRO device.
  • Set measure: set all the parameters related to your sensor.
  • Display: set the device in dual or full screen display mode and choose the display(s) you want.
  • Acquisition: set all your acquisition parameters (time, sample rate, etc.).
  • Startup config: choose how your MAESTRO will remember your sensor settings at startup.
  • About: view the main parameters and update your MAESTRO.


Use the elements in this menu to set the parameters related to your MAESTRO:

  • Number of digits: use this menu to set the precision of the measurement.
  • Serial commands: set compatibility with SOLO2 and use the RS-232, USB and analog outputs
  • Ethernet: configure the Ethernet communication protocol.
  • Languages: select the display language: English, German, Japanese or French (firmware V1.04.02 or higher)


Use the elements in this menu to set everything related to your measurements:

  • Wavelength: select one of the standard wavelengths offered, enter a custom value and create your own list of standard wavelengths.
  • Range: set the measuring range to autoscale or a fixed scale.
  • Measure mode: use this menu to decide what type of measurements will be displayed: average power, single shot energy, pulse-to-pulse energy, etc.
  • Corrections: enter multipliers and offsets.
  • Trigger level: set the trigger level in 0.1% steps, from 0.1% and 99.9%.


With the dual screen mode, the MAESTRO really takes full advantage of its extra-large screen! Any display mode can be used in both single or dual display mode. In dual display mode, the real time display takes the upper portion of the screen, while any of the other displays (scope, needle, averaging or statistics) is set on the lower portion. The display in the lower portion can be easily changed using the parameters bar with drop-down menus in the center of the screen. You can also expand one of the displays to have it in full screen mode using the maximize button. Just as easily, you can go back to Dual Screen display by using the minimize button.


This display shows the measured value in real time, with a corresponding bar graph below. The large size of the digits and high contrast of the graphics allow to see the measurement from a good distance. This mode is also always present in dual screen mode, in the upper portion of the screen.

  • Very large digits
  • Bar graph


With its line filling from the right of the screen, in a first-in/first-out manner, this display mode is a good approximation of an actual oscilloscope reading. Settings include time (x-axis) and range (y-axis). Basic statistics can also be displayed directly on the screen.

  • Oscilloscope-type graph
  • On-screen, real time statistics (min, max and average)
  • Fully customizable x and y axis


Exactly like an analog needle, only faster! This mode is particularly useful when tuning a laser. The real time value is also displayed at the top of the screen.

  • Ultra-fast readings
  • Great for tuning
  • Real time value at the top of the screen
  • Min and max values hold


This very unique mode is perfect to show the trend of a laser over time. Set the number of points per batch and let the MAESTRO identify the minimum and maximum values of every batch. A yellow curve then follows the average of each batch, displayed as bars on the screen. The wider the difference between the white and blue portions of a bar (corresponding to the min and max values), the more unstable your laser is.

  • Calculates the min, max and average values of batches of measurements
  • Perfect to check laser stability over time

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