Precision current to voltage amplifier, for use with TRAP detectors.

제품군 주요 특징

High precision current to voltage amplifier

These amplifiers include a microprocessor for remoted set up and control. They use thermally stable, precision resistors to provide highly accurate conversion of current to voltage.

Manual or remote control

They provide six gain ranges from 10 KΩ to 1 GΩ. These ranges can be selected manually or by remote control using the USB interface and our software. They can also be selected manually using the rotary switch.

Power supply options

  • SDX-1153 preamp is power over the USB 2.0 and requires +5V at 500 mA.
  • SDX-1226-1 and -2 require use of an external DC power supply. 

검출기 호환성

관련 상품


    최대 1 mW의 레이저 파워 계측용 광전다이오드 검출기.


    최대 1 mW의 레이저 파워 계측용 광전다이오드 검출기.

컨트롤러 및 GUI 사양

  • 아날로그 출력

    BNC, ± 10 V
  • 외부 트리거

  • 시리얼 커맨드

  • 외부 전원

    External DC power jack

파워 미터 사양

  • 파워 범위

    ± 10 μA
  • 디지털 해상도

    19 pA
  • 모니터 정확성


에너지 미터 사양

The following specs are based on the accuracy of the internal gain resistors, operating from 18°F to 82°F and at a relative humidity 80% or less. 

Power range Accuracy Temperature coefficient
10 kΩ 0.01% 5 ppm
100 kΩ 0.01% 5 ppm
1 MΩ 0.01% 5 ppm
10 MΩ 0.01% 5 ppm
100 MΩ 0.025% 10 ppm
1 GΩ 0.50% 25 ppm

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