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파워&에너지 계측용 PC 인터페이스. 단일채널, USB 출력.

주요 특징

The universal meter

Reads all heads:

  • Power: thermopiles, photodetectors and pyroelectrics
  • Energy: thermopiles (in single shot mode), photodetectors and pyroelectrics

Measure fJ energy levels

Thanks to a unique digital method for suppressing the noise on the lower ranges

External trigger

Synchronize your U-LINK to your pulsed laser or digital chopper

Serial commands

Serial commands are available on both versions to let you take full control

Real-time statistical functions

Max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability

Synchronize multiple channels

With the "SYNC. OUT" port, you can plug multiple U-LINK devices together and create a low-cost multi-channel system.

검출기 호환성

컨트롤러 및 GUI 사양

  • 디지털 디스플레이 사이즈

    컴퓨터 화면
  • 데이터 표시

    Real time, ratio, line plot, histogram, statistics and 3D histogram
  • 아날로그 출력

    0-2 볼트, 조절 가능, 전체 범위, ±1%
  • 외부 트리거

  • 실시간 데이터 전송

    10 kHz
  • 시리얼 커맨드

  • 외부 전원

    USB 5V, 150 mA

파워 미터 사양

  • 파워 범위

    4 pW - 30 kW
  • 디지털 해상도

    23 bits on current scale
  • 모니터 정확성

    ±0.5 % ±3 µV
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간
  • 응답 시간

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 시간

에너지 미터 사양

  • 에너지 범위

    2 fJ to 30 kJ
  • 디지털 해상도

    현재 눈금/3754
  • 모니터 정확성

    1 % ±50 µV (< 500 Hz)
    2 % ±50 µV (500 Hz - 10 kHz)
  • 소프트웨어 트리거 수준

    0.1~99.9%, 0.1% 해상도, 기본값 2%
  • 반복률1

    10 kHz
  • 실시간 데이터 전송

    10kHz의 시간 스탬프, 누락 포인트 없음
  • 통계

    현재값, 최대, 최소, 평균, 표준 편차, RMS 및 PTP 안정성, 펄스 번호, 반복률 및 평균 출력
    • 1. 최대 반복 속도는 PC 및 감지기 속도에 따라 달라질 수 있습니다.

물리적 특성

  • 치수

    57W x 26H x 91D mm
  • 중량

    0.12 kg



Complete and easily navigable software interface with all the necessary options and tools:

  • Connection: connect or disconnect your device.
  • Controls: turn the turbo mode on or off, make a zero to remove the thermal offset, start the acquisition of the data and start the calculations of the statistics associated with this data.
  • Startup config: save your measurements settings or load the settings associated with an already existing file.
  • Help: get information about the PC-Gentec-EO software and read the user manual.
  • Measure: configure the parameters related to your measurements.
  • Display: set the desired number of digits and settings associated with the selected display.
  • Acquisition: enter the parameters related to the acquisition of data.


The measure tab allows you to configure the parameters related to your measurements:

  • Wavelength: enter the wavelength of your laser and the software will apply the appropriate correction factor on the measurements.
  • Range: set the power or energy range to a fixed scale or let the software automatically adjust the scale.
  • Measure mode: select the type of measurement that will be displayed (power, energy) and let the software know if you want anticipation and if there is any attenuation.
  • Corrections: apply a multiplication factor and/or an offset to your measurements.
  • Trigger Level: set the trigger level in 0.1% steps, from 0.1% to 99.9% (in energy mode only).


Select the display that suits you best and watch your measurements in real time! With the options toolbar in the bottom of the interface, you can manage the displays at your convenience:

  • Real time: real time value and corresponding bar graph
  • Scope: line filling graph
  • Needle: fast analog-like needle
  • Averaging: shows trend of laser over time
  • Histogram: displays up to 100 bars
  • Statistics: min, max, average, RMS and PTP stability, rep. rate and standard deviation


The acquisition tab allows you to enter the parameters for data acquisition:

  • Power mode: choose a sampling rate (number of measurements per interval of time), a total duration (in days, hours, minutes and seconds) for the data acquisition, a time stamp for each value and the file name and file location. You can choose to save only the raw data and/or the statistics associated with your data acquisition.
  • Energy mode: choose a sampling rate (1 pulse out of X pulses), a total duration (total number of pulses) for the acquisition of data, a timestamp for each value, the file name and file location. Decide if you want to save raw data and/or the statistics associated with this data.

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UP-H와 XLP 시리즈 검출기에 대한 기기 서비스 계획. 재교정 1회가 포함되고 Gentec-EO 보증이 1년 연장됩니다.

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