IR Adaptor

P/N 201061

IR adaptor to expand the BEAMAGE range to near-IR telecom wavelengths. Must be purchased with BEAMAGE for in-factory tuning.

Ключевые особенности семейства продуктов

Convert IR light to visible

The IR adaptor converts wavelengths between 1495 nm and 1595 nm to shorter wavelengths between 950 nm and 1075 nm.

Image larger beams

The magnification properties allow you to image beams that are larger than the sensor.


Built with a high quality coated anti-reflection input window that allows wavelength conversion with low distortion and maximum image resolution.

Ready to use within minutes

Removable and easily C-mounted onto the entrance port of the BEAMAGE camera.

Связанные продукты


    Beam profiling camera. High-resolution CMOS sensor, ISO-compliant measurements.


    Beam profiling camera. 4.2 MPixel high-resolution CMOS sensor, ISO-compliant measurements.

Возможности измерения

  • Спектральный диапазон

    1495 - 1595 nm
  • Максимальный размер луча

    19 mm
  • Коэффициент умножения пикселей (PMF)

  • Минимальный измеряемый луч

    230 μm
  • Линейность

    Non-linear, IR converted output ∝ input intensity^1.41

Пределы прочности

  • Пределы прочности

    1 W/cm2

Физические характеристики

  • Размеры

    46Ø X 97D mm
  • Вес

    0,21 kg


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