Laser calorimeters

State-of-the-art solutions

Gentec-EO’s calorimeters are the only reliable solutions available on the market for high energy measurement. We work with a wide range of materials from surface coatings to the most robust volume absorbers to provide the best solution for your specific application.

  • Outstanding signal-to-noise ratios.
  • Unrivalled accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Vacuum and clean room compatibility on demand
  • Attention to details and workmanship
  • Customization: Gentec-EO is always committed to providing simply the best customized solutions to fit all requirements of every specific application

When to consider a Gentec-EO calorimeter?

For large beams, high energies and special applications that do not fit with the QE or UP series, Gentec-EO can build custom calorimeters to fit special requirements. A calorimeter can be considered as the ideal option when facing one or more of these conditions:

  • A beam larger than 95 mm
  • Ultrashort (picosecond, femtosecond) pulses
  • Very long (˃ 433 ms) pulses up to several seconds
  • High and very high single-shot energies (˃ 500 J) up to 16 kJ
  • High energy densities (˃ 15 J/cm2)
  • Limited space
  • Clean room and vacuum applications
  • When very low back-reflection is required


Using NIST traceable sources and proven calibration techniques, your Gentec-EO calorimeter is always the most accurate large aperture measurement device on the market.

With calibration uncertainties of ±3%, and repeatabilities better than ±2% for very large beams, Gentec-EO offers the very best solution for extreme energy measurement and for balancing in multi laser systems.


We have designed calorimeters for 16 kJ beams. We have built them for beams as large as 420 x 427 mm in aperture size, to withstand pulse energy densities of more than 15 J/cm2.

We have also provided highly sensitive, large-aperture size calorimeters for beam energies as low as 50 mJ for the most delicate applications.

Our calorimeters span the band from 190 nm to 25 microns. Moreover, we are happy to push these limits even further.

Many uses of calorimeters

Gentec-EO custom calorimeters can be used for the following purposes:

  • Measurement of single-shot energy
  • Measurement of total energy in laser burst
  • Measurement of average power at 1 Hz (100 W or less)
  • As beam dumps

Find a calibrated laser calorimeter

We can build custom calorimeters for all possible applications, as long as we are provided with a good description of the application (laser specifications) and of all requirements.

  • Wavelength
  • Beam profile
  • Pulse parameters (width, burst or single pulse, etc.)
  • Dimensions
  • Mechanical footprint
  • Special requirements: Clean room or vacuum compatibility, low back-reflections, etc.
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