Beam pointing stability

Laser beam pointing stability measurement systems

Measure, track and align your laser beam position with our pyroelectric pointing stability detectors and PC-based acquisition & readout device.

Laser position and pointing stability detectors

Our large area Pyroelectric Quadrant Detectors provide unique advantages over other laser position and pointing stability detectors like Silicon quads or lateral effect photodiodes.

They are fast, handle high peak power of pulsed lasers without saturation and respond to lasers across the spectrum, from UV to Far IR and even THz.

The QUAD-E is intended for use with pulsed sources at up to 1000 Hz, while the QUAD-P is designed for CW and High Repetition Rate (Quasi CW) sources.

Both types of detectors can also be used as standalone units, in an analog mode, for incorporation into your own system application. We can provide a Lemo pigtail cable for this purpose.

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QUAD-4Track: PC-based acquisition & readout device

The QUAD-4Track is a laser position and pointing stability sensing system designed to support our unique Pyroelectric Quadrant Detectors, QUAD-P and QUAD-E.

It is a 4-channel microprocessor-based system that measures the voltage output of each QUAD element and does the math necessary to provide a measurement of the X and Y displacement of a laser beam or image.

It is fast and can be used to track, align and/or measure movement in real time, with a resolution of just a few microns!

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