Thermal disk sensors

Thermal disks for integration

The thermal disks in the UD Series were designed for integration into laser systems. They are the solution if you are engineering the cooling and signal processing into your system already.

We offer many sizes and absorber choices.

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Enhanced performance with an external PCB

If you select a thermal disk, you can also use our external PCB for signal anticipation, amplification and filtering.

We can also integrate a PCB inside complete detectors.

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Obtain 0-95% of the signal in as quickly as 0.3 sec with the small UD12-70-H5 using our external PCB.


Adjust your disk sensitivity to get the perfect voltage for your acquisition system. Disks can be adjusted from 0.6 to 2 V/W.


Eliminate the high frequency noise coming from the environment with the integrated low-pass filter of our PCB.

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