Discrete pyroelectric sensors

Pyroelectric thermal detectors

Our discrete pyroelectric detectors are a class of room temperature thermal detectors that produce a current output that is directly proportional to the rate of change of temperature when exposed to a source of radiation. 

These detectors are ideal for pulsed laser applications. They can be used in applications where small, compact, inexpensive, easily integrated and very sensitive measurement devices are required.

Performance and features

Our Discrete Pyroelectric Detectors range from 1 to 9 mm in diameter and are provided in various configurations: passive or hybrid, high sensitivity or high average power. They present a pyroelectric detector element covered with our metallic coating (MT) and are packaged in a miniature TO-5 or TO-8 can. 

The advantages of a pyroelectric detector over other IR detectors are:

  • Room temperature operation
  • Broad spectral response
  • High sensitivity
  • Fast response (sub-nsec into 50 Ω)

Some of our customization options are:

  • Permanent IR windows that can be added to the TO can
  • BL absorber for high absorption and flat spectral response

Broad spectral response

Unlike photoconductive and photovoltaic detectors, our Pyroelectric Thermal Detectors are not limited to a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are truly broad spectrum detectors, sensitive from 0.1 μm to 3000 μm (EUV, FAR IR, and THz). Any and all radiation absorbed by our coatings or pyro crystal will result in a measurable signal.

The two plots at the left show the relative spectral response of detectors with MT and BL coatings. Note that the well documented, NIST traceable calibrated portion of these curves runs from 0.25 μm to 15 μm. There are currently no traceable optical standards for measurements > 15 μm.

QS-L series

Passive discrete pyro detectors with thermally isolated crystal for high sensitivity (low noise) at low frequencies

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QS-H series

Passive discrete pyro detectors with heat sink for high average power and high frequency operation.

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QS-IL series

QS-IL sensors are current-mode hybrid sensors designed for high sensitivity, low bandwidth applications.

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QS-IF series

QS-IF sensors are current-mode hybrid sensors designed for high frequency applications, up to 20 MHz.

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