Laser beam dumps

BD Series

The BD Series are rugged and easy-to-use, simply plug the water-cooling and you’re ready to go! Like our high power HP Series, these beam dumps have a highly resistant absorber that can withstand several kW in continuous mode. Their very large aperture of 100 mm in diameter accommodates even the largest beams.

An isolation tube (available in option) helps reduce the back reflections.

2 models are offered: 4 kW and 12 kW.

  • Rugged
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Absorb up to 12,000 W of continuous power
  • Large 100 mm Ø aperture
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Use a power detector as a beam dump

Our power detectors with the H, HE and HD coatings absorb a high percentage of the incident light. The remaining percentage is diffused in back-reflection. They can all be used as beam dumps as long as you stay within the maximum allowed power.

Our PRODUCT FINDER tool can help you find a detector that can withstand your laser power.

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