Laser energy meters

High accuracy laser energy meters

At Gentec-EO, we design and manufacture a wide range of professional-grade, high-accuracy laser energy meters.

To accommodate all needs on the market, we offer laser energy measurement systems made of a detector and an acquisition/readout device that are to be chosen separately. The easiest way to find the best solution for your laser energy measurement needs is to select a detector first and then decide which compatible acquisition/readout device you want.

We also have a few all-in-one, portable energy meters for professionals in need of a compact and easy-to-use solution.


Calibrated laser energy detectors

Our wide range of laser energy detectors allows our customers to measure from femtojoules to thousands of joules.

Our energy detector offering is made of three technologies:

Each one is used for energy measurement within a specific range and designed to work with specific laser specs such as beam dimension, wavelength and repetition rate.

The simplest way to determine which energy detector best fits your needs is to use our product finder at the bottom of this page. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only recommended products.

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Laser energy acquisition & readout devices

To complete your laser energy measurement system, you will need to select a compatible acquisition & readout device. 

We offer a large touch screen color LCD standalone display device as well as various PC-based solutions thanks to our free proprietary software. Simply choose the one that is the most convenient for your work. 

They come with a large set of features and statistical functions.

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Compact, portable laser energy meters

We have all-in-one, compact and portable solutions available that include both the detector and the acquisition/readout device.

  • Our INTEGRA series allows you to connect your energy detector directly to your PC thanks to an integrated USB or RS-232 connector. This option is offered with all energy detectors.
  • Our PRONTO-500-IPL is a portable laser probe for sources up to 350 J. The PRONTO has an integrated display and you can also log data and transfer it to your PC.

Keep reading to learn more about these innovative solutions.

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Let us recommend a compatible energy meter

Our PRODUCT FINDER tool will ask you 3 simple questions about your laser and will immediately tell you which laser energy detectors are the best for you.

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