Displays and PC interfaces

Laser energy display devices and PC interfaces

Whether you prefer to work with a laser energy meters with display or with a PC-based one, Gentec-EO has a convenient acquisition & readout solution for all laser applications.

Energy meters with display

  • When it comes to measuring laser energy on a meter with display, rest assured that you make no compromise by choosing the MIRO ALTITUDE. First of all, it measures both laser power and laser energy and is compatible with all our detectors, so you can use it for multiple applications.

    Supercharge your productivity with an intuitive user interface, an extra-large screen, tons of connectivity possibilities, 3 convenient display modes, a built-in dataviewer and a built-in file manager.

  • The MAESTRO is a cost-efficient solution that also offers many functionalities such as real-time statistical functions and a color display. It is available in English, French, German and Japanese.
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PC-based energy meters

Do you prefer to take your laser energy measurement directly on your PC rather use a tabletop meter with display? We have several acquisition and readout devices that do just that.

  • The U-LINK is the most powerful and versatile of our PC-based meters. It works for both energy and power measurement and is compatible with all our detectors. Its unique noise-suppression method guarantees you the highest accuracy measurements. It is compatible with our proprietary software PC-Gentec-EO and is available in both USB and RS-232 versions.
  • The S-LINK offers USB and Ethernet connectivity. It also works with both thermopile and pyroelectric energy detectors. It is our device that provides the fastest data transfer rate. Serial commands are also available.
  • The M-LINK has an USB connectivity and is compatible with absolutely all heads. It can measure as low as a few femtojoules thanks to its unique digital method for suppressing the noise on the lower ranges.
  • The P-LINK comes with USB, RS-232 and Ethernet connectivity. It is compatible with our thermopile detectors in Single-Shot Energy mode. Serial commands are available to let you take full control. It provides you with a several real-time statistical functions.

Just plug one of these small devices to your PC and to your energy detector, install our free proprietary software and you are all set for a high accuracy laser energy measurement.

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