Laser beam diagnostics

Camera-based laser beam diagnostics

We offer camera-based devices with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. All our cameras use the USB 3.0 standard, for the fastest data transfer rates.

Laser beam profilers

Profiling a laser beam is a convenient complement to the measurement of its power or energy because it provides very useful additional information, like spatial energy or intensity distribution, beam widths, centroid, ellipticity and orientation, that may help you determine if your laser-based systems are operating optimally.

The BEAMAGE is the most cost-effective USB 3.0 beam profiling camera on the market. It is available for UV to IR wavelengths and in 3 sizes. It comes with an intuitive and complete software that features an array of useful tools and functions. Its calculations are ISO compliant.

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Accessories for beam profilers

If your laser specifications exceed the limits in terms of:

  • Wavelength
  • Beam size
  • Laser power

you can manage them with our accessories for BEAMAGE. Click the button below to learn more about each type of accessories.

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M² measurement: beam propagation analyzer

The performance of a laser in practical applications is critical in the design of optical systems and focusing applications, and it can be quantified by measuring M², the laser beam quality factor, which indicates how close a laser is to being an ideal Gaussian beam.

The BEAMAGE-M2 acquires a sequence of beam profile measurements to automatically perform beam quality measurements within a few seconds. It is equipped with the largest optics on the market for easy alignment and fast measurements that you can trust. Its software is both intuitive and ISO compliant.

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Let us recommend a compatible laser beam diagnostic instrument

Our PRODUCT FINDER tool will ask you 3 simple questions about your laser and will immediately tell you which laser beam diagnostics devices are the best for you.

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