Laser power meters

Get high-precision power measurement from 0.3nW to 100,000W with Gentec-EO laser power meters. OEM and customization are available for all products.

Laser power meters

Gentec-EO offers a wide range of high-precision laser power meters suitable for both industrial and academic uses.

Depending on your needs, you can purchase a power meter and a detector separately or you can go with an all-in-one laser power meter and detector solution.

We recommend that you start by selecting the power detector that meets your requirements and then choose a compatible monitor.

Laser power detectors

Laser power meters

gentec-eo laser power detectors
gentec-eo laser power meters

We have over 400 models of laser power detectors. The right one for you highly depends on your laser specifications and your measurement needs. To quickly find the one you need, we recommend that you use our product finder by clicking the button below.

Alternatively, you can browse our laser power detector section.

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Once you know which laser power detector you need, you can choose the compatible meter that you like the most.

Our different meters offer a wide range of features: touchscreen controls, super-fast tuning needle, wireless connection, USB connection, etc. We also have an economical model.

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Pronto - Portable laser power meter

All-in-one laser power meter and detector

If you want a high-accuracy, portable laser power meter that is both easy-to-use and appropriate for industrial uses, you will definitely like the Pronto series.

Gentec-EO also offers its BLU and Integra series, which are wireless and USB/RS-232 connectors compatible with most of our traditional laser power detectors. With them, you can measure laser power directly on your PC or mobile device, thus eliminating the need to buy a separate display device.

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