Portable laser power meters

Compact, portable laser power meters

If you are looking for an all-in-one, portable and compact power measurement system, you will probably enjoy the innovative solutions Gentec-EO offers below. 

Handheld laser power meters

Our PRONTO series is of high interest for those who need a laser power measurement system that is portable and so compact that it fits in their pocket. It can be particularly useful for maintenance and repair people.

These products can be handheld (for low powers only) or can be mounted on a small stand like our standard power detectors.

They are separated in three series:

  • PRONTO-SI for measurement between 0.3 nW and 800 mW, which used a photodiode-based technology
  • PRONTO-250 for measurement up to 250 W, which used a thermopile-based technology
  • PRONTO for high power for measurement up to 10 000 W, which is also thermopile-based

These user-friendly products are so simple to use that anyone can start using them within minutes. They all offer data logging on their internal memory. Data can then be transferred to your PC over the USB connection. 

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Wireless laser power meters

Our laser power detectors are available in their BLU version, which allows you to read your power measurement directly on your mobile phone or PC thanks to a Bluetooth connectivity.

You get the same high accuracy measurement without the need to connect any wires and to carry a separate acquisition & readout device.

This solution is not only more practical, but also more economical compared to our other laser power measurement systems.

Simply install our free proprietary iOS/Android app on your phone or our software on your PC and you are all set. 

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USB laser power meters

The INTEGRA version of our standard laser power detectors allows you to read your measurement directly on your PC thanks to our free proprietary software.

The small and powerful meter of the INTEGRA series presents a direct USB or RS-232 connection so you can plug it into your PC or acquisition system. It works for all powers.

Simply carry your power detector head and plug it in your PC any time you need to measure your laser power.

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Our PRODUCT FINDER tool will ask you 3 simple questions about your laser and will immediately tell you which laser power detectors are the best for you.

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