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Accessories for beam profiling

Wavelength management

Since CMOS sensors are not sensitive to every frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, we offer several wavelength management solutions to enhance the capabilities of the BEAMAGE beam profiling cameras.

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Beam size management

A simple solution is offered to those who need to profile beams that are larger than the CMOS sensor. This solution is a beam-reducing optical component called CAMERA LENS. It works by indirectly imaging the reflection or transmission of the beam on or through a diffusing element.

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Laser power management

CMOS sensors have low saturation levels as well as low damage thresholds. It is thus very important that you control your laser power to get the best measurement possible and avoid damaging the BEAMAGE camera.

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Wavelength management

UV converters

Our BSF series, or UV converters, take advantage of a phenomenon called fluorescence to extend the performance range of the BEAMAGE beam profiling camera to ultraviolet wavelengths.

A fluorescent crystal located at the entrance of the converter absorbs UV wavelengths and reemits longer wavelengths (in the visible spectrum), which are less energetic and detected by the CMOS sensor.

Main characteristics

  • Transforms wavelengths contained between X-rays and 400 nm to visible and near-IR wavelengths.
  • Images larger beams due to the magnification properties of the optics.
  • Built with an iris at the output port for a control of the exposure on the CMOS sensor.
  • Removable extension tube that is easily fixed onto the entrance port of the BEAMAGE camera.
  • Ready to use within minutes.
  • We adjust each UV converter tube to its associated BEAMAGE camera. If purchased separately, you must send us your BEAMAGE for this adjustment.
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IR adaptors

Typically, a CMOS silicon sensor is operating at its full potential when imaging lasers with wavelengths between 350 nm and 1150 nm.

If you want to extend the performance range of your BEAMAGE beam profiling camera to the near-IR telecom wavelengths band, you can use the IR adaptor.

This ideal solution takes advantage of a multi-photon absorption process to extend the sensitivity range of the camera sensor to a portion of the near-IR spectrum (1495 nm - 1595 nm).

Main characteristics

  • Converts wavelengths between 1495 nm and 1595 nm to shorter wavelengths between 950 nm and 1075 nm.
  • Images larger beams due to the convergent properties of the optics (3.29X).
  • Built with a high quality coated anti-reflection input window that allows wavelength conversion with low distortion and maximum image resolution.
  • Removable and easily C-mounted onto the entrance port of the camera.
  • Ready to use within minutes.
  • We adjust each IR adaptor to its associated BEAMAGE camera. If purchased separately, you must send us your BEAMAGE for this adjustment.
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UV bandpass filter

We also offer a colored glass filter specially designed for the UV spectrum. Depending on the wavelength, the UG11-UV filter transmits 20% to 70% of the input beam power.

It is particularly useful for applications with wavelengths contained between 250 nm and 370 nm. Other wavelengths are blocked by the filter, which reduces noise and allows you to use longer exposure times. The UG11-UV is SM1 threaded.

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IR filter

The B3-IR-FILTER is a color glass filter specifically designed for IR applications. Acting as a low-pass filter, the B3-IR-FILTER cuts all the wavelengths below 1250 nm and only lets the IR wavelengths pass.

It transmits approximately 70% of the incident IR light. The B3-IR-FILTER is SM1 threaded.

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Beam size management

Camera lenses

Camera lenses work by indirectly imaging on the sensor the reflection or the transmission of a beam that previously hit a diffusing material such as glass (see diagrams below).

It is necessary to use a CAMERA LENS to image beams that are larger than the CMOS sensor of the BEAMAGE beam profiling camera.

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Laser power management

Neutral density (ND) filter

We offer various SM1 threaded absorptive ND (Neutral Density) filters that can be fixed directly on the aperture of the BEAMAGE camera via a SM1 to C-mount adaptor.

We also offer SM2 threaded filters that can be fixed on the BEAMAGE-4M-FOCUS via a SM2 to T-Mount adaptor. Subsequent filters can be stacked directly on each other.

These filters reduce the intensity of all wavelengths without affecting the wavefront of the beam or distorting the image. Sets of 3 filters or 6 filters as well as individual filters are available.

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Beam samplers - Up to 1kW

The BA Series optical attenuators use Fresnel reflection on two orthogonal wedges to pick off a small fraction of the input beam. Within the 400 nm - 2500 nm range, they provide a fixed attenuation that weakly depends on the wavelength.

The incoming beam polarization state and irradiance are preserved. The wavefront distortion is negligible and the laser output power stability is not affected.

These beam samplers can be connected to the BEAMAGE via a male to male C-mount adaptor (included with each BA) and can be easily combined with the ND filters (sold separately).

Suggested uses

  • Monitor power and beam profile simultaneously (BA16K models only)
  • Polarization insensitive beam-splitter with no back-reflections
  • Optical pick-off for use with our energy or power detectors
  • Attenuator for our high sensitivity detectors like M6, PH, etc.
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