P/N 202855

IR filter for BEAMAGE camera.

Product family key features

IR LOW-pass filter

The B3-IR-FILTER is a color glass filter specifically designed for IR applications. Acting as a low-pass filter, the B3-IR-FILTER cuts all the wavelengths below 1250 nm and only lets the IR wavelengths pass. It transmits approximately 70% of the incident light.


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Measurement capabilities

  • Spectral range

    1250 - 1350 nm
  • Parallelism

    < 3 arcmin
  • Maximum power

    1 W
  • Surface quality

    80-50 Scratch-Dig
  • Surface flatness

    < λ/4
  • Thickness

    6.3 mm

Damage thresholds

  • Damage thresholds

    30 W/cm2

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions

    30.5Ø X 11.4D mm
  • Weight

    0.04 kg
  • Mounting thread

  • Clear aperture

    80% of area
  • Dimensional tolerance

    +0.0/-0.2 mm

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