Displays and PC interfaces

Laser power display devices and PC interfaces

Our acquisition & readout devices for laser power measurement come in various sizes and types to cover all applications. We have display devices with large screen as well as PC-based devices to use with our free proprietary software.

They are available in various models and offer a wide range of features to fit all needs. Some of these solutions can even measure laser energy.

Power meters with display

We have four laser power meters with display:

  • The MIRO ALTITUDE is Gentec-EO’s new flagship meter for reading laser power and energy measurements. Supercharge your productivity with an intuitive user interface, an extra-large screen, tons of connectivity possibilities, 3 convenient display modes, a built-in dataviewer and a built-in file manager.
  • The MAESTRO has a touch screen color LCD display. It reads all heads and measures not only power, but also energy. It is available in English, French, Japanese and German. It also provides you with a wide range of real-time statistical functions and lets you store data on a USB key.
  • The TUNER features an ultra-fast needle, a less than 1 second response time and a large LCD display. It is compatible with our thermopile detectors and photodetectors.
  • The UNO is an economical solution that also reads power from all thermopile detectors and photodetectors, without any extra fancy features. With its 670 hours battery-lifetime, you will probably never need to change the batteries.

Connect one of these meters with display to your power detector and you have a full laser power measurement system.

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PC-based power meters

Would it be more convenient for you to get the same high accuracy laser power measurement directly on your PC thanks to an USB/RS-232/Ethernet connectivity?

If so, you will enjoy our various PC-based laser power meters:

  • The U-LINK is the most powerful and versatile of our PC-based meters. It works for both power and energy measurement and is compatible with all our detectors. Its unique noise-suppression method guarantees you the highest accuracy measurements. It is compatible with our proprietary software PC-Gentec-EO.
  • The M-LINK is also very powerful and versatile. If your application requires laser energy measurement at very low levels, M-LINK is better suited to your needs than U-LINK. It also works for both power and energy measurement and is compatible with all our detectors as well.
  • The P-LINK reads all thermopile and photodiode heads. It is therefore compatible with the XLP12 series and all models of the UP series and of the PH series. Our free software provides you with real-time statistical functions such as max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability, pulse # and repetition rate.
  • The S-LINK is compatible with our thermopile detectors and our pyroelectric detectors. It works for both power and energy measurement. The dual-channel model features a sampling rate up to 10 kHz per channel.

Simply connect one of these small devices to your PC and to your power detector and install our free proprietary software.

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