Portable laser energy meters

Compact, portable laser energy meters

We have several ready-to-use, portable solutions available that include both the energy detector and the acquisition & readout device. 

These solutions are particularly well-suited for service people such as repair and maintenance workers,

Handheld laser energy meters

Our PRONTO-500-IPL is a compact laser energy meter that can safely be handheld.

It has a 55 mm aperture to accommodate large beams and makes accurate readings up to 350 J/pulse.

Our customers love it for these features:

  • Integrated color touch screen display
  • High damage threshold
  • All-metal body
  • Data logging and data transfer to PC
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USB laser energy meters

All our laser energy detectors are available in their INTEGRA series, which features an integrated USB (or RS-232) connectivity.

Simply use the PC-Gentec-EO software supplied with your product and you are ready to make energy measurements within seconds! Each detector of the INTEGRA series offers the same incredible performance as the usual detector and meter combination, from fJ to J. 

Its compact size is perfect for the lab, OEM applications and field servicing. No need to carry a separate meter.

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Let us recommend a compatible energy meter

Our PRODUCT FINDER tool will ask you 3 simple questions about your laser and will immediately tell you which laser energy detectors are the best for you.

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