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Pyroelectric energy detectors

The heart of these energy detectors is a fast response pyroelectric material. It acts as a source of electrical current when subjected to changes in temperature provided by the absorber. With light-absorbing material on the front of the pyroelectric device and a heatsink in the back, variations in temperature, such as those created by an incoming pulse of light, are converted in a voltage pulse that rises quickly to a level proportional to the laser energy.

For the most demanding laser beams, we offer the broadband MB coating which has pulse energy density thresholds that are among the best in the world. 

The Gentec-EO QE series are based on this technology. We offer a vast selection of QE detectors with various dimensions, cooling modules, and absorbers to meet your specific laser measurement needs. 

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Photodiode energy detectors

Photodiodes are devices made of semiconductor materials that convert light into an electrical current. Since the current is generated by the electron-hole pairs in the p-n junction of the semiconductor, the responsivity of this device depends on the bandgap of the material and varies greatly with wavelength.

The highly wavelength-dependent spectral response of photodiodes can be both an advantage and a drawback. The spectral response of these detectors act as a natural filter to block out noise from other sources, but it also means that different detectors must be used to measure different light sources. 

Compared to thermal sensors, photodiodes are faster, are less affected by temperature fluctuations and have lower noise levels. 

Our products in the PE series use the photodiode technology.

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Integrating sphere energy detectors

An integrating sphere detector is composed of two elements. First, light enters a hollow sphere through a small aperture and it diffuses inside the sphere with multiple reflections on the sphere's inner coating. Second, a small uniformly-lit aperture at another position in the sphere samples a portion of this diffused light and sends it onto a sensor. 

Basically, integrating spheres act as attenuators to allow for the use of smaller and faster detectors. Integrating sphere energy detectors offer many advantages: fast response, high sensitivity, excellent spatial uniformity.

We use this technology in the design of the M6 Series, to create ultrafast energy meters that can detect all pulses for repetition rates up to 200 kHz. We offer several heads to choose from, for a broad range of wavelengths and energy.

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