P/N 206028

SM2 to SM1 adaptor for BA32, IS50 and BEAMAGE-4M-FOCUS.

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    Beam profiling camera with fiber optic taper for large beams. 4.2 MPixel high-resolution CMOS sensor, ISO-compliant measurements.

  • BA32-1KW BA32-1KW

    Optical attenuator, 32 mm Ø, up to 1000 W.

  • IS50A-1KW-RSi-INT-D0 IS50A-1KW-RSi-INT-D0

    Water-cooled integrating sphere detector for laser power measurement up to 1000 W.

  • IS50A-1KW-RMT-D0 IS50A-1KW-RMT-D0

    High-power joulemeter for laser energy measurement up to 1 kW average power.

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