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THz detector for power measurements up to 20 mW.


Traceable calibration:

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Ключевые особенности семейства продуктов

Relative Measurements from 0.1 to 30 THz

Broadband, room temperature operation, easier to use and less expensive than a Golay cell

Wide Dynamic Range

With state of the art pyroelectric sensors, measure down to 50 nW with 1 nW resolution.

Several Sensor Sizes Available

Choice of 5 mm and 9 mm diameter


THZ-B detectors are calibrated at a single wavelength (0.63 µm) and include typical wavelength correction data from 0.25 to 440 µm. They are used for relative measurements outside that range.

SDC-500 Optical Chopper

All THZ-B detectors require the use of an optical chopper, like our SDC-500, to sync the signal at either 5 Hz (DA models) or 25 Hz (DZ models).

User-Friendly Software with Many Features (When used with T-Rad-USB)

  • Strip chart, statistics and tuning needle displays
  • Controls and power display always visible
  • Tuning needle display includes min/max indicators
  • Data logging for long term testing

Совместимая подставка

Совместимые экраны & интерфейсы ПК

  • T-Rad T-Rad

    Digital (USB) power module, to interface THZ-B heads with a PC (software included).

Возможности измерения

  • Максимальная средняя мощность

    20 mW
  • Эквивалентная мощность шума

    50 nW
  • Спектральный диапазон

    10 - 3000 μm
  • Частота

    0,1 - 30 THz
  • Типичное время нарастания

    0.2 s
  • Частота модуляции

    25 Hz
  • Минимальная частота повторения

    1000 Hz

Пределы прочности

  • Максимальная средняя плотность мощности

    0,01 W/cm²

Физические характеристики

  • Диаметр диафрагмы

    9 mm
  • Абсорбер

  • Размеры

    66.0Ø x 46.5D mm
  • Вес

    0,23 kg




The T-RAD is a microprocessor-based digital radiometer that includes a 12-bit ADC and unique DSP lock-in software. It is powered by a USB connection, which also acts as a virtual COM port. When a THZ-B terahertz pyroelectric detector is plugged into the T-RAD module, the module reads the content of the head's EEPROM, which identifies the detector and provides calibration and wavelength correction data. The LabView software supplied with the device makes it very easy to set up the radiometer, measure a THz or broadband source and record data. The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10.


Instrument controls and the radiant power measurement are always visible, making it easy to change the radiometer settings, no matter which display tab is selected. Instrument controls include: range, filter tau, batch size, data collection mode, reset options, and a null button for background cancellation. In addition, there are more set up and operation status indicators including: detector Rv, wavelength, frequency (actual), locked and frequency in range lights. The strip chart displays the radiant power measurement in watts, either continuously or by the batch. Select full scale, auto scale or use our manual scaling option.


The "tune" tab selects the very useful "tuning needle" display. This is a simulated analog meter whose speed is determined by the "filter tau" setting. It is expected to be used during the set-up of a radiometer with a source. The "tau" value is usually set to a small value when aligning the probe to the source (i.e. when peaking the reading). There is a button control to select "full scale", "min-max" or "reset". In the "min-max" mode, the indicators are "blue" for the minimum power and "red" for the maximum power.


In the "Statistics" tab there are 4 large windows that contain the statistics for the selected batch, including: Minimum, Maximum, Standard Deviation and Mean, expressed in Engineering Notation. Standard Deviation can be displayed in Watts or as a % that is user-selectable. There is also a window that shows the bandwidth of the Digital Band Pass Filter based on the user selected "Filter Tau" (0.100 to 100 seconds). A lower time constant is helpful when setting up, and a longer one when making measurements, especially on the lower ranges of the instrument.


Although analog solutions are available, for simplicity, convenience and sensitivity, we recommend you choose our THZ-B-DZ detectors and the T-RAD digital radiometer. Our unique DSP Lock-In Amplifier software provides a function much like the Analog Lock-In, but is so much easier to use. It also addresses thermal drift of the sensor and allows you to display the power measurement and complete statistics directly in digital and graphic formats. Set the range, null the background, set the filter tau (bandwidth) and make the measurement. It's that easy!

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