U-LINK (RS-232)

P/N 203994B

PC interface for power & energy measurement. Single-channel, RS-232 output.

U-LINK (RS-232)

Traceable calibration:

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Ключевые особенности семейства продуктов

The universal meter

Reads all heads:

  • Power: thermopiles, photodetectors and pyroelectrics
  • Energy: thermopiles (in single shot mode), photodetectors and pyroelectrics

Measure fJ energy levels

Thanks to a unique digital method for suppressing the noise on the lower ranges

Serial commands

Serial commands are available on both versions to let you take full control

Real-time statistical functions

Max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability

Совместимость детектора


  • Calibration certificate

  • MON-9V MON-9V

    Power supply, 9 V.

  • MAE-RS232 MAE-RS232

    RS-232 cable for MAESTRO, U-LINK (RS-232).

Характеристики контроллера и графического интерфейса

  • Размер цифрового экрана

    Computer screen
  • Отображение данных

    Real time, ratio, line plot, histogram, statistics and 3D histogram
  • Аналоговый вывод

    0-2 V, adjustable, full scale, ±1 %
  • Внешний триггер

  • Передача данных в реальном времени

    1 kHz
  • Последовательные команды через

  • Внешний источник питания

    9-12 V, 200 mA

Характеристики измерителя мощности

  • Диапазон мощности

    4 pW - 30 kW
  • Цифровое разрешение

    23 bits on current scale
  • Точность устройства

    ±0.5 % ±3 µV
  • Статистика

    Current value, max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS & PTP stability, time
  • Время отклика

    Current value, max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS & PTP stability, time

Характеристики измерителя энергии

  • Диапазон энергии

    2 fJ to 30 kJ
  • Цифровое разрешение

    Current Scale/3754
  • Точность устройства

    1 % ±50 µV (< 500 Hz)
    2 % ±50 µV (500 Hz - 10 kHz)
  • Уровень запуска программного обеспечения

    0.1 to 99.9 %, 0.1 % resolution, default 2 %
  • Частота повторения

    10 kHz
  • Передача данных в реальном времени

    1 kHz with time stamp, no missing point
  • Статистика

    Current value, max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS & PTP stability, pulse #, repetition rate and average power

Физические характеристики

  • Размеры

    57W x 26H x 91D mm
  • Вес

    0,105 kg


Use it with our included PC-Gentec-EO software

Read your measurements directly on your PC thanks to our free proprietary software PC-Gentec-EO. The software supports the following product series: P-LINK, HP, INTEGRA, U-LINK, and MAESTRO.


  • Practical displays: real-time, scope, needle, averaging, histogram, and statistics
  • Useful features such as data logging and correction factors
  • Many statistics available: current value, average value, maximum value, minimum value, RMS stability, PTP stability, repetition rate, average power, and STD deviation


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Traceable calibration provides the ability to trace the readings of laser output measurements to known international measurement standards determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that the measurements taken by the instruments are reliable and accurate.

Benefits include:

  • Make valid comparisons of measurements taken by other instruments inside and outside your organization and over time
  • Comply with regulations or conform to industry standards
  • Avoid costly measurement mistakes in your operations
  • Improve customer confidence in your laser systems
  • Ensure laboratory experiment validity
  • Demonstrate measurement accuracy easily with the calibration certificate we provide

*Does not include shipping fees, import fees or local representation. Request quote for full details and local sales contact.

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