New records broken in high average power from a high energy laser; measured with Gentec-EO accuracy

Gentec-EO would like to congratulate the recent amazing work by the HiLASE team in Czechia, who improved on their previous record for the highest amount average power from an high-energy laser. HiLASE managed to produce 10 ns pulses with a whooping 145 J per pulse with a 1030-nm laser, which is 40% more than their previous record.

We at Gentec-EO are familiar with the measurement of kW continuous lasers, but a pulsed one with 145 J per pulse? Now that's something! HiLASE's ''Bivoj'' laser system is an elaborate system involving cryogenically cooled amplifiers and other intricate optical components to amplify the output from Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSSL) from a few millijoules to a mind-boggling 145 J.

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Gentec-EO is proud to have provided the energy detectors used by HiLASE to make this achievement. One can see in the official HiLASE videos that a QE50LP-S-MB-D0 energy detector was the detector used to determine and put a number on this amazing feat.

The maximum measurable energy with a QE50 doesn't go that high, so it goes without saying that the measurement here is not picked up directly: the laser is sampled so that only a small fraction of the energy is actually being measured.

When the attenuation factor of this system is known, its reverse value can then be applied to the attenuated measurement to find the original energy level, before attenuation. This underlines how even the smallest detector can be used to measure the most powerful of lasers, when used smartly! We are glad to have contributed in our little way to this big project!

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