High power laser measurement

Going beyond the limits with custom solutions

Thanks to our unique design, our HP series, high power detectors for measuring multi-kW lasers, are lighter and more compact than any other high power detector on the market.

We offer regular detectors, available off the shelf, with models up to 30 kW and custom-made detectors, available on demand and designed for your needs for up to 120 kW.

  • Choose YOUR size
  • Choose YOUR maximum power
  • We will customize one just for you

Square, round or even rectangular apertures are possible, up to 500 mm x 500 mm in size.

Discover our standard HP series or get in touch to learn more about customization possibilities.



The proprietary optical absorber that Gentec-EO developed has a very high damage threshold and is spectrally flat. Although it absorbs approximately 90% of the radiation, when your laser beam has an extremely high average power the remaining 10% that is backscattered is substantial.

To manage the back-reflections and provide a safer working environment, we can equip your high-power detector with a water-cooled “TUBE” extension.

This custom project example can measure up to 100 kW of average power continuously, and less than 4 % of the incident radiation is backscattered.



High power lasers that are focused in a small area require the highest damage thresholds. For the challenging applications, we offer a gold-cone based design that reflects the incident light off the sides of the opening, distributing the intensity over a larger area (which is covered by our proprietary high damage threshold absorber) and increasing the damage threshold to tens of kW/cm2 at full power. With such high damage thresholds, you can now measure your high laser power without having to expand your beam.

The standard model, HP60A-15KW-HD, can measure up to 15 kW, and it can be scaled up to meet your specifications. 

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Photo courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

High energy calorimeters

When it comes to the largest and highest energy laser beams, a Gentec-EO calorimeter is the most reliable solution available.

Through cooperation with several leading research facilities around the world, Gentec-EO has become an expert in manufacturing, calibrating and servicing calorimeters for use in high energy inertial confinement fusion calorimetric measurement.

Using NIST traceable sources and proven calibration techniques, Gentec-EO’s large calorimeters, with a calibration uncertainty of ± 3% and a repeatability better than ± 2%, are the most accurate large aperture measurement devices on the market.

We have designed calorimeters for 16 kJ beams. We have built them as large as 420 x 427 mm in aperture size, to withstand pulse energy densities of more than 15 J/cm2.

We are happy to push these limits even further!

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