Name Description Watch the Video
Beamage Introduction Video
Beamage Quick-Start Video
HP - High Power Detectors Introduction Video
HP and Super HP - HILADS Project Our HP210A was selected as the official Power Detector to measure the 1 million Watts peak power laser of the HILADS project from Lasertel and LLNL
INTEGRA (2nd generation) Introduction Video
M-LINK Quick-Start Video
M-LINK Demo Video
M-LINK FAQ Series - How to Measure Femtojoules with the Noise Suppression Feature
MAESTRO Introduction Video
MAESTRO Quick-Start Video
MAESTRO FAQ Series - How to Update the Firmware of your MAESTRO
Mach Series Quick-Start Video
Mach Series Demo Video
P-LINK Quick-Start Video
Pronto (High Power) Introduction Video
Pronto-250 Introduction Video
Pronto-250 Quick-Start Video
Pronto-250 Demo Video
Pronto-250-PLUS Introduction Video
Pronto-250-Plus Demo Video
Pronto-Si Quick-Start Video
Pronto-Si Demo Video
QS Pyroelectric Detectors FAQ Series - What is a QS-I-Test Box and how does it Work?
QUAD-4Track Demo Video
QUAD-4Track Introduction Video
T-Rad Introduction Video
T-Rad Demo Video
T-Rad Quick-Start Video
THZ Family Introduction Video
TUNER Quick-Start Video
TUNER Introduction Video
TUNER FAQ Series - How to change the wavelength on your TUNER
UM9B FAQ Series - How to set-up and use the UM9B probe with a Maestro
UM9B FAQ Series - How to set-up and use the UM9B probe with an analog read-out
XLP12 FAQ Series - How to measure power below 1 mW with an XLP12