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After over 50 years of experience in the laser beam measurement business, we have developped many customized solutions, sometimes for very unusual applications. The examples below represent only a small portion of the projects we have accomplished for our customers, so do not hesitate to contact us with any special need you may have. We are always striving to find the perfect solution for your application.

Hollow detector

"Hollow" detector

This special calorimeter demonstrates the extent of Gentec-EO's customization capabilities. This product fulfills the requirements for the newest lasers for high energetic beam experimentation.

  • High energy at low repetition rate for continuous measurement
  • Femtosecond pulse
  • Very large diameter with different shapes and sizes availables
  • Offers the flexibility to measure both power or energy
  • Center hole option to let an electron beam through


  • Short pulses, high energy
  • Various shapes and sizes
detector bar for beam measurement

6-element detector bar

Custom detector integration that monitors multiple lasers in a system. This detector bar included six independent power sensors, covered by protection windows with anti-reflective coating, presence sensors, on-board signal conditioning and acquisition to instantly measure power and communicate with the system through industrial serial protocol.


  • 6 elements on one board
  • Instantaneous power measurement of all 6 elements
  • Detector elements protected by windows with AR coating


OCTOLINK is our multichannel software that was specifically designed for the simultaneous measurement of a large set of power detectors. As its name indicates, OCTOLINK allows the measurement of up to 8 devices simultaneously, all on a combined control screen.

Furthermore, this tool offers full flexibility on the functionalities, allowing to control, compare and collect data of multiple detectors in a simple but effective manner.

The channels can be user-set, allowing a transparent integration in the existing systems. Pass-fail feature and complete data logging make OCTOLINK an ideal and inexpensive solution for long term power monitoring.


  • Measure 8 detectors simultaneously
  • User-settable interface

10-channel energy meter

This multichannel, multiplexed, digital joulemeter was designed for use measuring the spatial profile of pulsed CO2 far-IR lasers used in a nuclear fuel enrichment project. It features 10 integrating channels based on our hybrid pyroelectric detectors. Its energy range is from µJ to mJ.

This fast, microprocessor-based instrument features a full-speed USB 2.0 interface and can capture pulses at up to 400 pulses per second. On-board memory can store up to 10 million pulses. LabVIEW software was provided for control of the meter and analysis of the data collected.


  • Parallel capture of laser pulse energy on 10 channels in real time.
  • Designed to be easily expanded to 16 channels 


8-channel array for THZ tomography

This eight-element, pyroelectric detector array was designed for use in a THz tomography system. It was used to analyze high pressure flames by measuring absorption in the water spectral bands, using THz radiation in the 0.5 to 2 THz region.

The detector elements are 3 mm diameter, accurately spaced on 5 mm centers. Its high responsivity and very low noise level allow precise detection of weak signals.


  • Precisely aligned 8-element pyroelectric array on 5 mm centers
  • Low NEP at 8 nW/(Hz)1/2
  • High voltage responsivity
Optical trap detector

Optical trap detectors

These unique TRAP detectors are based on the use of two or three silicon photodiodes in an optical TRAP configuration. This results in extremely high quantum efficiency (QE) of greater than 99%. This extremely high QE renders the calibration uncertainty to record lows and allows one to calculate the precise current responsivity (A/W) at wavelengths in the 400 to 950 nm range using physical constants.

We also designed high precision, thermally stable, multi-gain preamplifier for use with these detectors. These read-out modules are incredibly precise, with an uncertainty of ±0.1%.

Our optical TRAP detectors (TRAP7-Si-C and TRAP7-Si-D) and their preamplifiers are used as primary spectral transfer standards in many metrology laboratories around the world.


  • Quantum efficiency greater than 99% from 400 to 950 nm
  • Spatial uniformity better than 0.05% across a 5 mm aperture
  • Absolute current responsivity determined from physical constants
32-channel THZ pyroelectric array

32-channel THZ pyroelectric array

This self-scanned, linear, 32-element pyroelectric detector array was designed for use on a THz spectrometer. The spectrometer is used to characterize the “bunch length” of a high energy electron beam. It captures pulsed THz radiation at the 100 nJ level that help create interferograms as a diagnostic.

This digital instrument features self-scanning electronics and a custom LabVIEW software to capture and display 32 channels of pulse energy data.


  • 32 element, linear pyroelectric array
  • 0.4 mm x 1.0 mm detectors spaced on 0.5 mm centers
  • Broad spectral response from 0.1 to 3000 µm
  • Noise level less than 1 nJ
Temperature-controlled power meters

Temperature-controlled power meters

Our temperature-controlled pyroelectric power detectors were designed for the Radiometric Group at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They are used as a spectral transfer standard, from 0.6 to 24 µm for their IR detector calibration systems.

The detector features BL black absorbing carbon coating for flat spectral response. The detector is mated to a thermoelectric cooler which maintains the probe’s temperature at 25 °C ± 0.05 °C. This results in the ultimate measurement stability: the voltage responsivity (V/W) is stable to ±0.1%.


  • STEP-Controller for power and temperature control
  • Calibration at 0.63 µm against a primary standard Optical TRAP Detector
  • Flat spectral response
  • Designed in two sizes: 5 mm Ø and 9 mm Ø apertures


These fast, discrete, pyroelectric detectors measure pulsed soft x-rays in the 20 nJ to 40 nJ range. They are used as an X-ray power diagnostic detector for the LCLS-II facility at the Stanford Linear Accelerator facility.

They exhibit flat frequency response at up to 1 MHz repetition rate and at 2 W of average power.


  • Large area, 7 mm diameter, broadband pyroelectric detector
  • Sensitivity down to a few nanojoules of soft X-ray
  • Can withstand high average power greater than 2 W


This high-speed laser controller is based on our popular MACH 6 digital joulemeter. This custom system was designed for the purpose of both setting the source to the proper energy levels and monitoring its output in near real-time to provide tight controls over laser material processing applications.

It is compatible with all of our integrating sphere energy detectors (M6 series). It includes a USB 2.0 connection, basic software and an extensive number of serial commands in support of a custom control program.


  • Capture pulse energy at 200,000 pulses per second
  • Remotely control and monitor laser pulse energy
  • Full LabView library for flexible customer software
custom laser calorimeters

Customizable calorimeter

We have designed calorimeters for 16 kJ beams. We have built them for beams as large as 420 x 427 mm in aperture size, to withstand pulse energy densities of more than 15 J/cm2.

We have also provided highly sensitive, large-aperture size calorimeters for beam energies as low as 50 mJ for the most delicate applications.

Our calorimeters span the band from 190 nm to 25 microns. Moreover, we are happy to push these limits even further.

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