Laser beam measurement

Largest selection of laser beam measurement products

Whether you are interested in measuring your laser power, laser energy or conduct beam diagnostics to know all the characteristics of your laser, we have a measurement instrument for that.

Laser power measurement

We offer a wide range of laser power meters and power detectors to measure from picowatts to multi-kilowatts. The right product for you highly depends on your laser specifications and measurement needs.

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Laser energy measurement

With Gentec-EO’s laser energy meters and energy detectors, you can measure from a few femtojoules to several thousands of joules. All of our detectors are NIST traceable, which means you get the highest precision level available on the market.

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Laser beam diagnostics

We offer camera-based devices with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. All are cameras are USB3.0, for the fastest data transfer rates. Discover BEAMAGE, our beam profiling camera.

If you are looking for an automated laser beam quality measurement system, you should also visit our BEAMAGE-M2 page. It is the only M2 system on the market equipped with a complete set of 50mm optics.

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With such a large selection of products, it can be difficult to quickly find a compatible one. Let us guide you in selecting the best measurement products for your application.  You only need to answer 3 simple questions about your laser.

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