Laser power measurement solutions

Laser power meters

At Gentec-EO we have the largest selection of laser power measurement systems. With over 50 years in the laser beam measurement industry, we have developed the technologies and products to measure all laser powers with the greatest precision.

We have ready-made solutions to measure from the picowatt level (10-12 W) to 100 kW and the willingness to work with you to develop custom products if necessary.

Whatever your beam size, laser type, wavelength, average power, pulse width or beam profile, we can measure it.

Solutions for all of laser applications

PC-based solutions

Wireless solutions

Portable solutions

Highest calibration standards


We use only GOLD Calibration Standards, guaranteeing our customers the lowest calibration uncertainty possible.


Our Personnal Wavelength CorrectionTM (PWC) data offers you NIST and/or NRC traceability over the entire range of the detector.

Receive a solution proposal that fits your needs and laser specifications

Tell us about your application, needs and available laser specifications. A laser beam measurement expert will get back to you with a validated solution to measure your laser power.



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