LIDAR measurement products for the automotive industry

Current autonomous vehicles use LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) as a key control and navigation element.  This system scans the surroundings by firing pulses, at a high rep rate, from a laser diode and record the reflected light to build up a point-cloud map of the surroundings.

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of these lasers, developers may want to measure two things:

  • average power
  • pulse energy in real time

Gentec-EO has the solution for both.

Mach 6 - Ultrafast joulemeter for LIDAR measurement

Measuring pulse-to-pulse energy for LIDAR

Our Mach 6 products can measure every pulse at up to 200 kHz (with no sampling) and store up to 4 Million pulses. No other laser energy meter on the market can achieve this level of performance.

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PH phototiode detector for LIDAR measurement

Measuring average power of reflected pulses for LIDAR

Measuring the average power can be done using the PH photodiode family of products. The PH is offered with attenuators for high power application and NIST traceability for maximum accuracy.

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