P/N 203605

Automated M-squared measurement system. Comes with BEAMAGE-4M, 5 lenses, 3 ND filters, and 2 external beam-steering mirrors.

Key features


The BEAMAGE-M2 is an automated laser beam quality measurement system.

Large Apertures

The only M2 system on the market equipped with a complete set of 50mm optics. Also, the sensor is 11.3 x 11.3 mm.

Simple Alignment

Two beam-steering mirrors are included for quick and easy alignment of your laser into the system. The internal mirrors are factory-aligned and the pre-set height also simplifies the alignment.


The low-profile ingenious mechanics make it easy to fit the device on any optical table.

ISO Compliant

The calculations are fully compliant to the ISO 11146 and 13694 standards.

Fast Acquisition

Make a complete, ISO-compliant measurement in only 20 seconds with the ROI feature, and in less than a minute with full-frame acquisition.

Flexible & Intuitive Software

In the easy-to-navigate software, both automatic and manual settings are available, so data points can be added or removed even after an automatic scan is completed.

Measurement capabilities

  • Spectral range

    350 - 1100 nm
  • Minimum measurable beam

    55 μm
  • Included filter

    3 flip-mount attenuators for 8 levels of attenuation, from none to ND3.5
  • Sensor technology

    BEAMAGE-4M included
  • Effective aperture

    Ø 48 mm optics, 11.3 x 11.3 mm sensor
  • Beam diameter range

    55 μm to 11.3 mm, at the sensor
  • Mechanical travel range

    200 mm
  • Effective optical path range

    400 mm
  • Lens focal length

    5 AR-coated lenses included: 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm
  • Typical M2 accuracy

    ±5%, depending on the beam quality and optical configuration
  • Typical M2 repeatability

    ±2%, depending on the beam quality and optical configuration
  • Applicable light sources

    CW and pulsed
  • Typical measurement time

    45 sec with full-frame acquisition
  • Beam diameter definitions

    D4σ (ISO compliant)
    1/e2 along crosshairs (13.5%)
    FWHM along crosshairs (50%)
    Custom (%)
  • Beam quality definitions

    Laser beam quality: M2 (ISO-compliant)
    Beam Propagation factor: BPP
    Width at waist
    Waist location and offset
    Divergence angle
    Rayleigh length

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions

    172H x 193W x 602D mm
  • Weight

    6.6 kg

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