P/N 202119

Integrating sphere detector for laser energy measurement up to 2 mJ.

    • 6 mm Ø
    • 12.5 mm Ø
    • Standard
    • High sensitivity
    • Silicon
    • InGaAs
    • Pyroelectric
    • LEMO connector
    • INTEGRA (RS-232)
    • INTEGRA (USB with external trigger)
    • BLU (wireless)
M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY M6-6-PY

Traceable calibration:

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Product family key features

Up to 200 kHz Pulse-to-Pulse

Measure every pulse, with no sampling, at high rep rates, up to 200 kHz

Capture and Store up to 4 million Pulses

Store 40 seconds of data at 100 kHz

Track Missing Pulses and Pulses Below Threshold

Know how many pulses were missed or that didn’t make the energy threshold with this unique pulse feature

Several Heads to Choose From

Silicon, InGaAs and pyroelectric heads for a broad wavelength and energy range

Analog Module Available

Use our fast M6 detectors with the APM and an oscilloscope for fast analog energy measurements

Full-Speed USB 2.0 Connection

Ensures high data rate transfer and fast operation

User-Friendly Software with Many Diagnostic Features

  • Live mode, strip chart, histogram and statistics displays
  • FFT display of pulse energy data for temporal diagnostics
  • Life test mode to automate laser testing

Compatible stand

Compatible displays & PC interfaces

  • Mach 6 Mach 6

    200 kHz module for M6 heads.

  • APM (D) APM (D)

    Analog power module, to interface -B heads with oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers.

Measurement capabilities

  • Spectral range

    0.35 - 2.5 μm
  • Typical rise time

    150 ns
  • Repeatability

    ±1 %
  • Maximum repetition frequency

    200000 Hz
  • Maximum measurable energy1

    2 mJ
  • Noise equivalent energy

    0.1 μJ
  • Maximum pulse width

    100 ns
  • Energy calibration uncertainty

    ±4 %
    • 1. Maximum pulse energy reading will vary with wavelength and probe voltage responsivity. For more details, please read Application Note 121D-201932 and contact us at info@gentec-eo.com

Damage thresholds

  • Maximum power

    5 W

Physical characteristics

  • Aperture diameter

    6 mm
  • Absorber

  • Dimensions

    38.1 Ø x 58.4D mm
  • Weight

    0.15 kg



Traceable calibration provides the ability to trace the readings of laser output measurements to known international measurement standards determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that the measurements taken by the instruments are reliable and accurate.

Benefits include:

  • Make valid comparisons of measurements taken by other instruments inside and outside your organization and over time
  • Comply with regulations or conform to industry standards
  • Avoid costly measurement mistakes in your operations
  • Improve customer confidence in your laser systems
  • Ensure laboratory experiment validity
  • Demonstrate measurement accuracy easily with the calibration certificate we provide

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