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P/N 201207B

Display device with tuning needle for power measurement. Single-channel.

Key features

Ultra-Fast Needle

Less than 1 second response time

Reads Power Detectors

Thermopiles and photo detectors of the PH100 and PH20 series

Large LCD Display

  • 77 x 58 mm
  • 5 mm digits
  • Backlight (with AC adaptor)

3 Display Functions for the Needle

  • Normal
  • Tail (indicates speed)
  • Bargraph

Also high and low values hold

Single-Button Navigation

Direct access and long press access to the main functions

Low Consumption

Lasts 500 hours with 4 AA alkaline batteries

Detector compatibility

Controller and GUI specifications

  • Digital display size

    77 x 58 mm LCD
  • Data display

    Real time, ultrafast tuning needle: tail, bar graph, high/low
  • Refresh rate

    4 Hz
  • Analog output

    0-1 V, full scale, ±1 %
  • External trigger

  • Battery type

    4 x AA Alkaline
  • Battery life

    500 hours with detector
  • External power supply

    9 VDC 1.66 A

Power meter specifications

  • Power range

    10 pW - 10 kW
  • Digital resolution

    10 pW
  • Device accuracy

    ±1 %, full scale
  • Statistics

    Min, max
  • Response time

    < 1 s

Energy meter specifications

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions

    210W x 122H x 44D mm
  • Weight

    0.47 kg

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