P/N 202344

Camera lens for BEAMAGE: 50 mm focal length.

Key features


A simple solution is offered to those who need to profile beams that are larger than the BEAMAGE sensor. This solution is a beam reducing optical component called CAMERA LENS.

Image very large beams

The camera lenses in the CL series work by indirectly imaging the reflection or transmission of the beam after it has hit a diffusing element. For larger beams, simply increase the distance between the diffuser and the BEAMAGE.

Ready to use within minutes

The CL series is C-mount threaded so you can mount it directly on the BEAMAGE camera.

Measurement capabilities

  • Focal length

    50 mm
  • Horizontal FOV

  • FOV at 1 m

    120 mm
  • Minimum working distance

    1 m
  • Maximum beam size

    Limited by field of view
  • Inverted image

  • Pixel multiplication factor (PMF)

    Depends on set-up, auto-calibration routine available in the software
  • Damage thresholds

    Very high because of indirect measurement

Physical characteristics

  • Weight

    0.225 kg
  • Mounting thread


Imaging a transmitted beam


Imaging a reflected beam


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