Energy Detectors

Our pyroelectric energy meters cover a very wide range, going from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse. They also come in various sizes, from 8 mm to 95 mm in diameter and most of them are available with an optional attenuator.



The Pronto-500-IPL replaces the FLASH-500-55-W-IPL and FLASH-500-55-W-IPL-C that are now discontinued. The Pronto model offer the same measurement capabilities, but with new and improved electronics that allow for data logging, more calibration points and USB connection for data transfer and charging the battery.
  • High Energy Per Pulse Accurate readings up to 350 J/pulse!
  • Easy Operation Color Touch Screen Display
  • Large Aperture 55 mm aperture to accommodate large beams
  • Rugged
    • All-metal body
    • High Damage Thresholds
  • Advanced Features Data Logging and Data Transfer to PC
  • STAND NOT INCLUDED Contact us for 50% off stand price when purchasing it with a detector.