The Gentec-EO monitors come in various sizes and types to cover all applications. We have monitors with or without display (PC-based) and for power or energy readings, or both. We also offer the fastest digital needle display on the market.


S-LINK-2 (Ethernet)
S-LINK-2 Top
S-LINK-1 (Ethernet)
S-LINK-1 Top


  • Reads Both Power and Energy Thermopiles and pyroelectrics
  • Available with 1 or 2 Channels S-LINK-1 and S-LINK-2 models now available
  • PC-Based Connects to your PC with included software
  • Serial Commands Serial commands are available on all versions to let you take full control
  • Fastest Data Transfer Rate Get all the points transferred directly into your PC at 10 kHz/Channel
  • USB or Ethernet Choose your favourite communications port. The USB version is port-powered
  • External Trigger Every model comes standard with a 2.4 V to 24 V external trigger