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P/N 203407

ND 4.0 filter in SM2-threaded stackable holder.

Key features


CMOS sensors have low saturation levels as well as low damage thresholds. It is thus very important that you control your laser power to get the best measurement possible and avoid damaging the BEAMAGE camera.

Stack and attenuate as much as you need

These filters reduce the intensity of all wavelengths without affecting the wavefront of the beam or distorting the image. Many filters can be stacked directly on each other.

Ready to use within minutes

Each ND filter comes with a threaded adaptor so you can mount it on the BEAMAGE camera.

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Measurement capabilities

  • Spectral range

    400 - 1595 nm
  • Transmittance

  • Equivalent attenuation

  • Parallelism

    < 3 arcmin
  • Optical density tolerance

    ± 5%
  • Transmitted wavefront error

    < λ/10 @ 633 nm
  • Surface quality

    40-20 Scratch-Dig

Damage thresholds

  • Maximum average power density

    100 W/cm²
  • Maximum energy density

    3 J/cm²
  • Maximum power

    1 W

Physical characteristics

  • Aperture diameter

    48 mm
  • Dimensions

    56Ø x 11.4D mm
  • Weight

    0.04 kg
  • Mounting thread

  • Clear aperture

    90% of area
  • Dimensional tolerance

    +0.0/-0.25 mm
  • Substrate


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