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Portable laser power meter for up to 250 W. Includes 3 measurement modes : SSP, CWP and SSE. Includes three calibrations: visible to NIR wavelengths (248 nm to 2.5 µm), CO2 lasers (10.6 µm), and single-shot energy mode.

    • 19 mm Ø
    • 55 mm Ø
    • 10 x 10 mm
    • H - Standard (up to 250 W)
    • W - Very high power density
    • H - Standard (up to 10 kW)
    • H - Standard (up to 3 kW)
    • H - Standard (up to 500 W)
    • H - Standard (up to 6 kW)
    • Silicon (up to 800 mW)
    • Power
    • Power and Energy
    • Energy
    • Standard (visible to NIR only)
    • Visible to NIR and CO2
    • Visible to NIR, CO2 and energy

Traceable calibration:

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Product family key features


The PRONTO-250-FLEX offers three calibration options so you only pay for what you need:

  • Default calibration “Y”: for visible to NIR wavelengths (248 nm to 2.5 µm)
  • Additional calibration “C”: for CO2 lasers (10.6 µm)
  • Additional calibration “E”: for energy measurements with ± 5 % accuracy


This mid to high power handheld probe is so compact it fits in your pocket!


The touchscreen color LCD allows for a friendly user interface. You can make a measurement with just the touch of a button!

Data Logging

Save your data to the internal memory and then transfer it to your PC over the USB connection.

From Low to High Powers

Thanks to a low noise level and high damage threshold, the PRONTO-250-FLEX can measure powers from 0.5 W to 250 W.

Hands-Free Operation

Place it on a flat surface or use one of the 2 threaded holes that we have integrated in the casing for safe use with optical stands.


Serial commands are available to let you take full control of your PRONTO from your PC.

Compatible stand



    USB cable for MAESTRO, U-LINK (USB), and PRONTO.

  • Calibration certificate

  • Transport case

  • Personal wavelength correctionTM Certificate

Measurement capabilities

  • Maximum average power

    250 W
  • Minimum average power

    0.5 W
  • Noise equivalent power

    10 mW
  • Spectral range1

    0.193 - 20 μm
  • Typical rise time

    1.5 s
  • Power calibration uncertainty

    ±3 %
  • Exposure time

    5 s
    • 1. Calibrated spectral range: 0.248 - 2.5 µm (default)
      10.6 µm available with calibration option “C”.

Measurement capabilities (Energy mode)

  • Maximum measurable energy

    25 J
  • Noise equivalent energy

    60 mJ
  • Minimum repetition period

    4 s
  • Maximum pulse width

    88 ms
  • Energy calibration uncertainty1

    ±5 %
    • 1. With additional calibration "E". Typical value as default.

Continuous power mode

  • Maximum average power (continuous)

    8 W
  • Response time

    1.5 s

Damage thresholds

  • Maximum average power density1

    45 kW/cm²
  • Maximum allowable casing temperature

    65 °C
    • 1. At 1064 nm, 10 W CW. May vary with wavelength and average power.

Controller and GUI specifications

  • Battery type

    Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Battery life

    17 hours or 4,200 measurements (with brightness set at 25%)
  • Display resolution

    1 mW
  • Display size

    28.0 x 35.0 mm (128 x 160 pixels)
  • Display type

    Touch Screen Color LCD
  • Backlight

  • Internet upgrades via

  • Data storage

    50,000 pts
  • Battery recharge via


Physical characteristics

  • Aperture diameter

    19 mm
  • Absorber

  • Dimensions

    59.0W x 181.4L x 17.0D
  • Weight

    0.21 kg
  • Mounting holes

    2 x 8-32


Versatile absorber suitable for most applications

Our H absorber offers a spectral response that is both broadband and spectrally flat, making this power detector a versatile solution that can cover most laser power measurement needs. Our proprietary manufacturing method also gives this absorber good damage thresholds, for both average power density and energy density. It has a high absorption capacity and, therefore, generates a relatively low percentage of back reflection.

Customers enjoy:

  • Useful for measuring a wide range of lasers
  • Low risk of damaging the equipment
  • Allows fast rise time






Leverage serial commands

Use our serial commands to communicate directly with the meter without using Gentec-EO's software. You can do so using a terminal emulator software, like PuTTY, or you can just integrate them directly into your own software. All essential functions of the meter are covered by a command. Refer to the user manual of the meter for the list of all commands available.


  • Build your own software
  • Suit your unique laser application requirements
  • Automate your measurements


Traceable calibration provides the ability to trace the readings of laser output measurements to known international measurement standards determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that the measurements taken by the instruments are reliable and accurate.

Benefits include:

  • Make valid comparisons of measurements taken by other instruments inside and outside your organization and over time
  • Comply with regulations or conform to industry standards
  • Avoid costly measurement mistakes in your operations
  • Improve customer confidence in your laser systems
  • Ensure laboratory experiment validity
  • Demonstrate measurement accuracy easily with the calibration certificate we provide

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