BEAMAGE-M2: Laser Profile Scanning System to Measure Laser Beam Quality

Measuring the M² factor of your laser beams tells how tightly a collimated beam of a given diameter can be focused and how well a divergent laser source can be collimated.

This becomes a very valuable information to know for applications such as material processing, printing, cutting, welding where laser power density directly impacts your process quality and performance. In telecommunications, coupling single-mode optical fibers requires M² values the closest to 1 as possible. In optical data storage and quantum computing, the beam profile and intensity distribution can dictate the storage capability per given volume and how well quantum states are initialized, manipulated and read out.

Monitoring beam quality is key! In this presentation we will highlight the key features of BEAMAGE-M2 and perform a live demonstration of automated M² measurements:

  • Get software ready
  • Master laser alignment
  • Fast background subtraction
  • Rapid scan, ISO-compliant scan
  • Generate reports

Presented by Félicien Legrand

Félicien Legrand is the US/Canada Sales Manager at Gentec-EO, with 12 years of field experience in North America for sales of optical measurement instruments and information technology.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Université Paris-Sud and a master’s degree in commercialization of scientific instrumentation from Université Bordeaux 1 in the heart of business cluster “Route des Lasers”.

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