How to measure spatial intensity distribution with a camera-based beam profiler: best practices and expert tips

Spatial intensity distribution is one of the fundamental parameters that indicate how a laser beam will behave in an application. Theory can help predict the behavior of a beam, but imperfections in real-life optical systems affect laser beam propagation and modify the intensity profile. Consequently, it is crucial for researchers, system designers, and laser manufacturers to be able to verify spatial intensity distribution, which can be achieved with a laser beam profiler.

In this workshop, Ahmed Rihane, of Gentec-EO, will outline why in some applications and industries beam profiling is a key practice to help achieving laser quality/uniformity objectives. He will show the main parameters to take into account when manipulating a beam profiling camera and will conclude with a live demo that will show the BEAMAGE-4M in action!

Presented by Ahmed Rihane

Ahmed Rihane, sales engineer, is in charge of the US/Canada East coast at Gentec-EO. He has a solid technical background in physical engineering from Laval University and has more than 10 years of experience in the photonics/sensors industry.

He juggles between a pre-sales role where he identifies which solution fits the best his customers’ needs and a post-sales role where he makes sure that the solutions work successfully once a purchase is made.

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