How would you like to define the new product lines?

An article, or a blog post’s attractiveness, at least to get you to read it, is all about the marketing of it.

In those cases, the marketing starts with the article’s title. One has only 1-2 seconds to get people to look at the title and entice you into reading the rest of the paper.

I sure hope I was able to practice what I preach and capture your attention. But my marketing might hold more promises than it actually will deliver. And in advance, I’m sorry about it. But I don’t think it’s far fetch.

What I am not sorry about, though, is the fact the we will indeed need and want your contribution for future product developments and current product lifecycle continuous improvements.

Why do we need your input?

For new products development, being well aware of where the market goes and what people are developing today for usage tomorrow is critical. For example, if our market analysis was done reading old magazines from the 1990’s and decided because of this that we needed to design power meters to fit the growing prevalence of CO2, 50-75 watts lasers, we would be then orienting our R&D department towards committing its resources for the development of a product that is nowhere close to addressing the real market of today: fiber lasers at high power, diode lasers and other rapidly growing laser technology.

One can imagine that selling products defined this way, basing its specifications on data that is wrong and/or totally irrelevant today with regards to true market trends, would not be very easy and yield meager sales.

Because our aim as manufacturer and sales organization, and I’m sure your aim as a salesperson/organization, is to grow the business year in year out, we have to make sure our portfolio of products answers the needs of today’s laser market. We also need to shape the future products according to what we perceive the market is heading towards. There is no better way to do that than to develop them based on market intelligence. To do so, the input from all salespeople is the approach with the most potential.

Every time you visit a customer or potential one, you have the opportunity to hear about their needs, their wishes. Whether it is for an added feature on a current product or completely new solution to a new need, it should be recorded and stored in a central database. This database will be the CRM (we use Pipedrive).

For direct sales people, it’s quite easy to capture voice of customer because CRM access is readily available. For distributors, we will define a communication protocol that will ensure we: capture all the data and do it in a manner that is minimally intrusive and as little time consuming as possible.

There is a small effort to be made from all for this to be successful. But I have been asked so many times about features on a current product or needs for new products, that now the opportunity is yours to finally have a say in what is to be available in tomorrow’s catalog.

We truly believe this is the single most important action taken by the Sales & Marketing department to ensure future growth and eventually market dominance.

Gentec-EO needs you!


Stéphane Galibois
Vice President Sales & Marketing
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